This episode features a song I wrote a few years ago (2006) as part of my web project - a new song every couple of weeks. I think I had been listening to a lot of Feist at the time - and that had an affect on my approach to the song. I also love all that old George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin era stuff... which inspired the approach. The song is about being an outsider... but a soft-glove kind of approach to it rather than a bitchy rock song or something.

Not sure about the bits of this episode... stuff just happens as I am putting things together and it’s not my job to question it... just put it all toghether and deliver it. Please enjoy episode 20: 

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I write songs to exorcise my own “demons” and to work through relational or social interactions. Episodes in my life tend to stay with me and replay in my head over and over. I can put some of the stuff to rest by exploring elements of it. This song is sort of like that - though I do abhor specificity... so song subject matter isn’t usually autobiographical - rather there are general themes and ideas which capture something for me.

I am also a voyeur of human behaviour in general... and fairly introspective (I tend to disect a lot of what I say and do) - the “pop song” format (yes I realize a lot of what I do isn’t "pop") is a way of quickly getting ideas out... painting a picture and getting to the point in approximately 3 minutes (give or take)...

Anyway, um... what was the point? Hope you enjoy this episode! :P

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Asked a 6 year old to give me a subject for a song. I love the process of songwriting and love to “play” withing the process. I never know where the muse will lead me. The suggestion from Hunter (the six year old in question) had to do with raptors... not the basketball team but the dinosaur. His fears of being chased or eaten by the ferocious beast - a beast that is depicted in movies and video games as a single-minded killing machine... no heart... 

I let stuff percolate for a day or so then I sat down to write. I don’t want to write literal songs... neither do I want to stuff metaphor down your throat... I also don’t really enjoy explaining exactly what a song is about for me - that just takes half the relationship away. I believe that the listener (yes you!) is an active participant in a song... giving a song meaning based on your own interpretation based on your life experience and stuff. It’s one of the reasons I find that working with video and music is exciting... it gives me audio and visual elements to throw into the mix... I have to follow my gut while I am “in” the process of creating this stuff. Sometimes I only have a faint idea of what it’s about... it reveals itself to me as things progress. In fact, in many cases, I find that new meaning presents itself a long time after I’ve written a song or created some other kind of art. Usually it’s because I’ve brought something new (some experience or insight... or something) to my relationship with it.

Anyway - hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think and how you are :)

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Took a while to get this episode finished. The creation of it was a bit more “process driven”. Again, I found myself mining my old journals - found the outline for this song in an entry from February 2003. I pulled it out and played around with it a bit (changed the key and stuff like that - messed around with a bass line etc...). The “music video” part was also driven by a concept and then sort of built itself as I proceeded. 

Hopefully you enjoy it... please comment and share my work with anyone you think will enjoy it. 

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