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This is another “process driven” songs and accompanying visuals. 

I keep talking about “process” but present “finished” pieces. I think I need to remedy that. I follow a guy named Austin Kleon who preaches Showing Your Work - an idea I find compelling and pertinent to what I’m all about doing with my “art” (parentheses there because the idea of making “art” is a contentious one for me... still “processing” that... probably easier to do in the context of a song... hmmm... have I already explored that? Sometimes I forget... um... sorry - have I lost you?)

Anyhack! Anyhow... I took the lyrics to this piece from stuff I wrote in my journal in early March... then started arranging and adding bits of text - then played my guitar to it. Next I build up different sections of the song and arranged them. Around that time I was having some thoughts about visuals.

The recording process took me a while... just getting things to sound right and lay down vocals that I was happy with.

Took a long time to get the idea together for the “video”... I rehearsed and rehearsed “acting”... Did a bit of a breakdown by sketching thumbnails of what I wanted to see happen - after a lot of worrying I just shot the segments I needed and then spent a couple of days editing it all together...

Anyway - that’s a bit about the process in retrospect. I think I need to keep notes as I go through the process and post some of that stuff to social media and what-not. Just in case someone finds it interesting... or something.

Here’s the finished piece... hope you like it.

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A new song. I remember being obsessed with the story of Faust when I was a teenager. Mephistopheles was an engaging idea... Robert Johnson and the devil. That stuff scared me but there was always that thought of "what if...". The belief that we are not capable of being great without some sort of intervention... divine or otherwise.

Anyway, hope you like this. If you are seeing this some time in early 2016 then you have a chance to acquire the original piece of art featured in this episode.

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