A new song... wrote it just at the end of July and took some time living with it and getting to know it. 

I’ve been getting the urge to write more (actually it never really goes away - it's more about making yourself ready and available when she comes a-calling). Also - the urge to play music more and “make a go” of doing more with this “talent” of mine. Though I think I have some weird ideas about how that can look... anyway... speaking of weird ideas... please enjoy episode... um... 24. BTW consider tipping the performer... there's a link somewhere on this page :)

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This is an old song... well... a few years old. It’s about adoring someone so much that you want to be a better person so that you can live up to their belief in you. And it’s about realizing you are a better person than you had been led to believe. 

As usual... there is the process-driven weirdness which happens as I start to put one of these episodes together - An exploration of what love and relationship is... or could be... and how sometimes you feel uncomfortable but you do stuff anyway... like dancing with a manquin in the woods... or something...

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I feel like I am still finding my way with this new “artform” I am playing with. It’s sometimes a struggle to just say I’m doing this to be funny... though hopefully you find some of this stuff funny :) 

I am seeing what I’m doing here as a valid form of art... and to that end I need to just “go with the process” and try not to just put out stuff I think will be popular... but stuff I would want to watch myself.

Anyway... enough of that stuff... I’m continually processing... asking myself what I’m doing here. But here’s something for you - hope you like it!

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A fairly dark episode this time. I wrote the song “Do you still love me now?” in September of 1989... September 13th starting at 5:19pm... and done by 6pm... if you want to know exactly :) .... I think a number of things came together and I was not in a very happy place... or something.

I remember part of the thought process was stimulated by a letter from a friend of mine who was away at school and was feeling a bit isolated... I think she had a room at the end of a long hallway. Anyway - songs aren’t always autobiographical but contain various disparate events and experiences... and stuff.

The concept for the video just sort of happened - I reflected on the song (ha ha... reflected... you’ll get that once you see the video)... and this story keep shape... as usual it was all fairly process driven and ... by the seat of my pants. 

In case you were wondering all of the video work was done by me including filming... so I am fairly proud of some of the shots... sure it’s not perfect... but hey - it’s pretty good for an idiot with a camera... a guitar... and some weird ideas... 

Anyway... hope you enjoy episode 21! Please look me up on social media and connect... I’d love to hear from you. Please share my work with any weirdo you think will get it! :)

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