Don’t mention yesterday
Unnecessary information to conflate the situation.
This is a brand new day
Every morning is a new life
Every moment is distinct.
No blame or guilt
Will bring us down... or make us doubt
The reasons to go on.
Oh what I meant to say
was something less dramatic now I want to hide my face...
But I’m just made this way...
I open up my mouth and the words come tumbling out.
In clarity, there is relief
And it gives me – a reason to go on...
But too many doubts – bring me to my knees
I question the things – I used to believe
And too many friends are just enemies
They whisper dissent – and it makes me freeze
And there’s so many things that I want to do
And there’s so many me-s... are there so many you-s
There’s a sound in my head...
I can’t silence it
Don’t mention yesterday
It’s all in the past and I can’t make it go away.