This song was a “process” song. I sort of switched things up when I was writing this piece. I often start with just my guitar and an old journal entry in my hands or a phrase in my head. Sometimes I just start playing a thing on the guitar and the words start coming.

With this piece I started by building up a tune... with guitar... then an overlayed guitar bit... then a drum... then keys... bit by bit... then a different bit that worked with the first in some way. The process delivered an arrangement of music (I recorded and arranged sections on my laptop). Once I had this piece of music I picked up my journal and grazed around a bit... and I found some stuff I had scribbled there over time. A number of bits and pieces came together and created a “context” of sorts... then some new words sort of wrote themselves into the mix and a finished song arrived at some point (after quite a bit of “processing”).

It’s not really my intent to be a “songwriter” who writes songs because he is a songwriter... I can’t really help it - the whole process I describe above wasn’t something I made a decision to persue... the thing sort of crept up and dragged me along into its lair... and I went along with it because I was mesmerized by her (my muse if you will...). Anyway hope you like it.