A fairly dark episode this time. I wrote the song “Do you still love me now?” in September of 1989... September 13th starting at 5:19pm... and done by 6pm... if you want to know exactly :) .... I think a number of things came together and I was not in a very happy place... or something.

I remember part of the thought process was stimulated by a letter from a friend of mine who was away at school and was feeling a bit isolated... I think she had a room at the end of a long hallway. Anyway - songs aren’t always autobiographical but contain various disparate events and experiences... and stuff.

The concept for the video just sort of happened - I reflected on the song (ha ha... reflected... you’ll get that once you see the video)... and this story keep shape... as usual it was all fairly process driven and ... by the seat of my pants. 

In case you were wondering all of the video work was done by me including filming... so I am fairly proud of some of the shots... sure it’s not perfect... but hey - it’s pretty good for an idiot with a camera... a guitar... and some weird ideas... 

Anyway... hope you enjoy episode 21! Please look me up on social media and connect... I’d love to hear from you. Please share my work with any weirdo you think will get it! :)