There once was a dancer José
Who decided to join the ballet
His figure was such...
That his tutu showed too much
Whenever he performed his plié
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A little experimental video...
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A new video... about young love... lust... loneliness...
made with a webcam... and a lot of “winging it”...

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I cannot believe that today is the first day I became aware of this brilliant song! What the hell have I been doing with my life!!!????!!!

And it asks such an important question!!!!!!

Where’s My Jumper!!!

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Fish Head... RedSo I'm doing some last minute bits and pieces for an Art Show on the weekend. Here's a little piece (it’s 5x7") - I just completed... ok... maybe it's not finished yet... I might do something more on it... if the mood strikes me once I've lived with it for a day or two... anyway... here it is...


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