This is a piece I've been working on for a little while. I recorded the music in early March while playing around with an old-school drum machine that a friend loaned to me (Thanks Dareck) ... I had a concept in mind but kept putting it off because I thought I needed to be “more prepared”... well enough procrastinating... I just finished it yesterday in a flurry of activity and I'm happy with the results. I discovered a new video editing program yesterday(TrakAxPc) and I think it will be a mainstay in my toolbox... found it very easy to use... and the tutorials on their website are brilliant... but most especially because of the thick Irish accents of the presenter! :P

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An improvisational piece of music... jamming with myself and looping in real-time...

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I made this little animation using my webcam in photo capture mode... then I sent the individual images to Adobe Flash and drew over the photos (cell animation style)... the weird music was recorded on my computer microphone and mixed in Audacity ( a free sound editing program)... so an experiment... hope it doesn't freak you out too much... Though it freaked me out a bit when I was creating it :P

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I wrote this song on January 21st and started making the video over the past weekend... quick turnaroud indeed...

I should mention that I will be taking part in the Orillia Cares concert for Haiti on February 10th ...please support this cause if you are in the area... tickets are available HERE and all proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross - earmarked for Haiti.

Enjoy the new song... (special thank you to Laura and Emily for providing the Barbies)

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