Starting work on the BIG GUITARYesterday I finally took brush to... um... resin... plastic... molded stuff... and started working on my piece for the Orillia’s Guitars on Parade. I'll be working in transparent layers so this is basically the ground layer...

I’m working with small brushes because the texture and vocabulary of the look and feel is very much different to working with a large brush and just “blocking in” huge swatches of colour. There’s something appealing to me about the contrast of the size of the piece and the little dabs of paint... This is already creating part of the subtext for me... In some ways the process has to say something... and contribute to the meaning.

Though the finished piece will be subject driven I feel like the expressivness of the stroke will say as much as the image... albeit in a different voice...

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I’m looping again! This time I create a loop in realtime and switch between three others I created beforehand. So for the technically minded... what can I tell you... basically I practised with three loops - each one eight bars long so it gave me enough time to develop something. I created the drum track beforehand using HammerHead Rhythm Station - Mainly because the drum sounds on the Jamman looping pedal sound like poo... I did some hacking around and inserted the drum sounds on the tracks beforehand and then looped over them. Anyway... once all that stuff was done it was just a matter of making up some pleasing little bassy bits and going from there... you get the general idea watching it happen in the video.




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So putting something new together every Wednesday usually means I am flying by the seat of my pants... Coming up with a concept... an experiment... a direction...

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Well don’t say I didn’t give you the “Heads Up”

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A short recital by a little pink haired Troll... his name is Clive...
Let me tell you about Clive... many years ago... in another life... I was a waiter and Clive worked with me...

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