I have been working on a short animation to accompany an old tune... it’s taking a bit of time. Here’s a preview of where it’s going so far. Summer is pretty busy so it’ll be a few weeks before it’s done... the animation... not summer!

Speaking of summer... if you’re in Hawkestone this friday between 3:30 and 7pm stop by the Hawkestone Farmers’ Market where I’ll be the entertainment!

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So last week I was having a bit of insomnia and one morning I was feeling like I wasn’t up to doing much. I wrote a little poem to myself in my journal - to get myself back on track. Later in the day I took a look at what I’d written and decided to turn it into a song... a few days later I recorded a little video of the song... off the floor... just me and my guitar... here it is...

We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead

The days are swift and unrelenting
There is no non-day in between
Everyday you learn – Everyday is a book to be read
We’ll sleep when we’re dead

Morning comes it always does... even when the night before seems to never end
Even when the night before is broken and unrestful
Even-when-there-is-still rest to be had - We’ll sleep when we’re dead

I will prop myself up
I will use the reserve
stimulate my cortex with off-the-shelf glee

Smile-Inject myself in the lifeline
Do something to prove that I’m still here
There’s joy that comes with engagement
There is no rest for the wicked
We’ll sleep when we’re dead



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(apologies to those who abhor a page full of text... I know video is so much more exciting... easier to digest... I feel the same way... especially on a computer screen... except maybe this big palooka’s site)

Back in the saddle...Back on the Horse... Metaphorically speaking that is... I’ve been vacillating (I use that word because it was the one that kept telling me I should use it)... in terms of my relationship with art and what it can mean. I studied drawing and painting - and there is always a pull toward a classic approach to drawing and painting... on paper... on board... on canvas ...but music is always the stronger pull.

In the last while (as I imagine you’ve noticed)  I have been interested in video as a form of expression... pairing it with my love of music.

A few years ago I played around with recording and self-producing my own music. I think the thing that is hard to communicate to people is that most of the time art (I speak for myself I suppose) is not about the finished product but about the process and the idea. I think some of my favorite artist/musicians are about that... especially since I think of myself more drawn and driven by the music of the mid 80s than by the classic rock that a lot of my peers prefer.

I’m babbling... but that’s sort of the mood for me right now. Perhaps it’s the weather... perhaps the fallout after finishing and presenting a largish piece (My guitar design for the Orillia “Guitars On Parade” event)... and the lead-up to my performance in Orillia on Canada Day - Couchiching Beach Park- at 6pm at the central pavilion.

I’m getting back into Wednesday Lift form... where it will go... nobody knows... hope you stay on for the ride...


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Siren... the painting continuesI’m putting the finishing touches on my big guitar for the Orillia “Guitars On Parade” Celebration. The unveiling of all 50 Guitars will take place in downtown Orillia on June 26th starting at 10:30am. The guitars will be on display and most of the artists will be on hand to answer questions and schmooze. There will be music and festivities and the street will be closed to traffic so if you are in the area please come out!

There will be a chance to vote for your favorite guitar... 5 artists will receive a “People’s Choice Award”... So vote for me! and I’ll be your best friend! :P

Here’s a sneak peek at the front of my guitar... this is from yesterday... it’s crunch time so things are moving along quite a bit every day... I will be delivering the guitar on Saturday so there will be a lot of activity over this final week I’m sure!

My design is called Siren... and is an expression of my own experience making art and music... My Muse is a Siren... beckoning me at times... and when I “hear” the call I cannot deny the the allure and I must submit. She is a woman... because the experience of creating is a feminine thing... I give myself over and allow myself to be lost in the process.

I find painting is more about the process than about the finished “piece”... the final work is a record of the process. The process involves “finding” the form... layering... shading... modelling the shapes...

Large pieces, like this, are a full body experience... allowing for large emotional brush strokes... but sometimes tiny movements are required and invoke a very concentrated and almost meditative state...

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She begins to take shape...OK so work continues on my guitar for Orillia’s Guitars on Parade . I have layed down a number of washes and now getting the basic modelling for the “object” - Here's a view of one side. I’ve also started on the other side of the piece as I prefer to work the entire image at the same time so that the same “feel” is maintained.

So I was thinking the other day that it’s probably not necessary to break down every step... becomes very “procedural”... I mean this is art... I don’t think I really have a procedure per se. It’s more of a “reaction” than a procedure... there is a give and take... and a reflection of the subject matter. Um... yeah... I think there is the desire to please... to create a piece that viewers will think is beautiful... I think i needed to realize that there is more a need to emote... to be part of the process and - not so much “create” a feeling as be a conduit and to let go so that the “feeling” isn’t created but resides in every brush stroke.... I think that’s the aim every time... and the biggest battle isn’t with the brush and the paint... not with the modelling and the perspective... not with the foreshortening... not the contrast... but with the desire to please... and the doubt that one can...

But still she calls...

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