Well Christmas is almost here... Lot’s going on and the kids are getting antsy I’m sure!
Again I’d like to remind you of the “Chatty Hankmuss” Show this coming Saturday and Sunday...

in my last BLOG entry... It’s for a really good cause... and it will likely cause you to laugh until bits fall off! so it’s a great deal!.... Please get your tickets soon!... I don’t want to feel all responsible and stuff when you get there and it’s sold out... it’s also likely that I won’t really know what’s going on because I’m likely to be TOTALLY DRUNK!... ok... maybe not... but I present exhibit A:

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So anyway, I’ll be a featured guest/performer in the “Chatty Hankmuss” Show taking place December 11th and 12th in downtown Orillia Ontario at the Stubley Auditorium at St. James (corner of Peter & Coldwater Streets). It’s a bit odd... I will be playing “myself”... but I’ve had to rehearse my lines (written for me!)... I’ve been trying to sort out who this “Steve Caston” chap is.... coz he says and does some weird stuff (well “weird” is relative I suppose!)... anyway!

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Burn in me - real harmony... Follow then - blistered fingers all entwined... tax my body - dull the mind... lack of breath - sinews - muscles keeping time... Tinder tender sparks aflame... moaning missives call my name... roaming hands and speaking tongues... buried face and punished lungs... Turning key - set it free... hollow men - butchered figures strewn about... Take the body - leave the mind... feel the breeze - sinners - lovers all alive...

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A new song... and an accompanying video... or is it a new video and....
I took a bit of a different approach to writing with this piece. The music was created and recorded with full accompaniment... the words came afterwards in an unrlelated bout of writing.

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Well Thanksgiving is just a few days away (I AM CANADIAN!) and here’s a little thing I did this morning. What one thing has to do with the other is anybody’s guess but what the hey...

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