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I just wrote the song yesterday... which explains my continual glancing at my lyric sheet... who am I kidding... I still need to glance at the lyric sheet for songs I wrote years ago!

Anyway... have a good rest of the week.... Good Luck John!! (is it wrong to say “break a leg”?)

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And welcome to a little site redesign... I’ll be “tweaking” the site a bit more over the next little while...
So I’ve been quiet for a while but here’s a brand new song and video. Hope you enjoy it...

I started writing this song on March 18th and pretty much finished it all in one sitting... the video took a little while to come to me. As usual it was just a matter of sitting down and just doing it! I found some public domain video footage and let the available images inspire me... I’m fairly happy with the finished piece... I feel like the visuals add to the subtext and help to illuminate some aspects of the song.

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I wrote this song about two years ago in mid-February 2009. It’s a bit dark... maybe it has something to do with the darkness in general in mid-February. Mixed metaphors... semaphore and random lines of thought lead to little stories without a solid backbone.... and allow for a free association for listener... and watcher... Sometimes it’s not important to know exactly what it is you’re talking about... sometimes it’s more helpful to sing...

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So I created a very short instrumental piece and put some visuals together using footage I shot last April and some new bits I came up with... And so we have the story of a little pink-haired chap setting out on an adventure and getting hepped up on the rush of adreneline that ensues... or something like that!

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It’s been a busy month... Christmas and stuff and then I got married!... After 14 years Candy and I decided to “Do the Deed” and make it more official... and you know it was a beautiful thing and we’re really happy we did it...

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