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I wake up in the morning...
and immediatley want to go back to sleep...
There’s a racket in my head - 
the doubting, shaming, hateful crowd.
And I’m tired of fighting that noise.

But a deep breath... and things which require done.
I get to work... and howl my defiance.






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I remember seeing the videos for “She Controls Me” and (I think) “Love Games” - really liked the poppy tunes so I went out and bought the album “Worlds Away” by Strange Advance. Of course the title cut just blew me away - the heavy reverb and spaciousness of the track... those freakin' heavy drums... the loneliness and melodrama. I personally remember cranking this at a hot steamy summer party... in a basement somewhere in my youth... feeling sad and lonely that the girl I was in love with was with someone else... yes... she was... Worlds Away.... um... I digress.

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Random Album of the week: Breaking Glass was a movie soundtrack which accompanied the movie of the same name (Released in 1980). The lead actress in the film was Hazel O’Connor who also wrote and recorded all the songs - this was her first album - many more followed.

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So with the SteveCastonShow taking up most of my time I haven’t done much blogging. But I had the thought that I would start a weekly (or something like that) random album blog. The idea is that I would just randomly remember an album and sort of riff on my thoughts of said album. 

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