I conciously try to change up my approach to songwriting on a regular basis... keeps me honest...

Sometimes the progress is slow... but never slower than when I refrain from pursuing the muse at all...

I have an interest in the sonic work of people like John Cage and Yoko Ono (Yes I actually like her “music”)... and music makers like Kate Bush,Bowie, Brian Eno... building sonic landscapes that leave something to chance always intrigues me... 

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I’ve just started an account on Audioboo... I had a thought this afternoon of an old favorite poem by Don Marquis... and an old song I once wrote but now is just a faint memory (I really should have written more stuff down... or something). Anyway I was strumming and thinkin’ and out popped a short tune so I quickly recorded it and present it here via Audioboo:



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It’s me... after one of those long abscences. My apologies. I really shouldn’t do that to you.

I get so caught up in wondering what I should be doing that I forget to be doing the things that are the most important. This being one of them.

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Our detour to Indianapolis sent us to the “Slippery Noodle” this evening - Indiana’s oldest bar... with blues music 7 days a week...

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So... we couldn’t find a hotel in the Nashville area (or witihin a 30 mile radius!) for tonight (well especially not one that suited our budget!)...

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