day7 (“make/deliver” something every week day - missed a couple of days... Actually had some stuff to post but didn't get to it... need to make it more of a habit!)

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day6 (“make/deliver” something every week day - missed a day yesterday)

Working on something... not sure where it’s going... but I made this as part of it... A bit of a blurry picture... but you know...

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day5 (“make/deliver” something every week day)

I am setting expectations
...designed to fail...
because i know the alternatives are terrifying...

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Day 4: I didn’t say it would be pretty... So I grabbed some of those little Hershey easter eggs and molded them by hand ( with the help of a little warm water, a toothpick, and my tongue... Interesting and very tactile... and kind of gross in the end... but I kinda like the little bugger...

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Day3: I have no idea... but I think that I am modifying the aim to be “deliver” something every day... and maybe not weekends. As for this piece... like I said... I have no idea.

A long legged cat...

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