Been absent from the blog for a while - if you’re looking for new stuff check TheSteveCastonShow page (up there on the menu bar)... I’ll get back to the blogging soon I hope... just juggling all the bits and pieces. Take Care. —Steveo Add a comment

Here’s a drawing I did a couple of years ago... 

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Ok - Apparently this “making” something every day isn’t working that well... have to adjust the parameters... 

I actually have been “making” stuff... but I have a problem with just posting stuff everyday... more to the point - The quality isn’t there and I worry that I’m putting stuff on here every day and it’s going to give you, the trusty reader, the idea that I’m just throwing shit out there to see what sticks... I think I have to adjust the parameters of this. Yes, the plan is that I will “produce” more... but I’m aiming for at least once a week... the content might still be experimental but at least the development will be further along... anyway that’s what I think...

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Day 9

Actually did this little drawing yesterday... not sure what it’s about but I think it might be useful somehow...

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Day 8

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