Damn... sometimes you can't move because you’re afraid of “getting it wrong” -

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Always falling - with weak excuses. There is only this and i choose to accept the parameters which are thrust upon me... on us all. (Maybe not “all”... but a good portion) - and we hypnotize ourselves and discuss possibilities and strategies by which we might “game” the game.

And the ploys are based on tried-and-true methods or step-by-step methodology.

Then we see a maverick and think “i can’t be one of those”. For every reason under the sun - we strive to convince ourselves and everybody else thatwe could do great things if only we were given a chance.

If only it was handed to us - the bottle - the teat... suckling us to greatness.

The pat on the head and the gentle push. Up the ladder and to the stars - 

If only that would happen... all would be ours.


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I attended a beer tasting on the weekend (put on by our local Rotary Club). Lake of Bays Brewery was represented and featured three of their beer - two of which I was already quite familiar with (and enjoy): Crosswind Pale Ale and Spark House Red Ale.

Crosswind (Pale Ale) and Spark House (Red Ale) - I mentioned to the gentleman pouring that I was already familiar with both and he replied "I can mix them for you - it’s good" - well... I was right on that! And it was an excellent blend... by the end of the evening I had sent a large number of people back to the LB bar to grab a sample of “Spark in the Wind” (I can’t remember what the gentleman from the brewery had dubbed it... maybe that was the name... or perhaps that was my name for it in my happy beery state... either way - You should give it a try. Hopefully the products are available at your beer store or Liquor outlet (that is for my fellow Canadians... perhaps just Ontarians... might be a bit hard to come by elsewhere). I noticed that I have a can of each in my fridge so I believe I will partake again very soon.


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Red pick go!

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