Things have been a little stop-and-start for me recently in terms of music. There are a few things I’ve been working on... but alas none delivered here. So I challenged myself to put a piece together and just finish it and deliver it to your ears. So here it is.

I started this piece using a little “thingy” that this brilliant guy name Ugo - basically it is a keyboard synthesizer plugin that randomly generates a keyboard sound to play using a piano keyboard plugged into your computer. It’s called “Element of Surprise” - and it was created as a way of providing a bit of inspiration and a way of sparking some spontaneous song writing.

It did just that! I started out just coming up with some interesting bits on the keyboard... which led to adding some drums... bass... guitar... then I looked through my trusty journal and found some likely scribblings that seemed to fit the groove... and inspire further creativity...