It’s me... after one of those long abscences. My apologies. I really shouldn’t do that to you.

I get so caught up in wondering what I should be doing that I forget to be doing the things that are the most important. This being one of them.

So I got off my ass and decided I should do SOMETHING. This is an arrangement of a song I’ve played for quite a long time. At some time I used to sing it like the original... lots of laughs at campfire sing-a-longs...  screaming out the falsetto refrain. Some years ago I came up with this and I’ve been “tweaking” the arrangement ever since. I really enjoy the flow of the music and the sorrowfull tale of woe. Apparently Sting wrote this song initially as a Bosa Nova... maybe I felt that (I just found this out... yes... thank you Wikipedia...). Anyway... enjoy: