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I just wrote the song yesterday... which explains my continual glancing at my lyric sheet... who am I kidding... I still need to glance at the lyric sheet for songs I wrote years ago!

Anyway... have a good rest of the week.... Good Luck John!! (is it wrong to say “break a leg”?)

Johnny’s gonna live life
even if it kills him...
says it ain’t a real life
if it doesn’t thrill him
He says it just that way
and every day
gotto take a big bit - swallow every piece
Johnny is a nice guy
still he kinda scares me
’coz he’s got some big dreams
and he burns intensely
There’s one thing for sure
everybody dies....
I’m not being insensitve
really - it’s just a matter of time
Johnny runs a death race
but not without a meaning
he wants to make a difference
He says it... and believes it...
Says it’s just the way
that the things you say
is the way you’ve gotta live your life
only got the one time

Johnny gonna live life...