I wrote this song last Thursday. I was working on putting together a video piece... and working on a concept in terms of the visuals. During a test of my recording process I played something and added some “vocalizations” the song was based on some of this “information”... I like to think that at moments like that you are accessing a part of yourself that is less censored and a bit more“open”... Here’s the piece I put together.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what exactly it is I’m doing here. I know I’m not making music videos... it’s more process driven... I don’t even know if the aim is to be entertaining... though hopefully you are sometimes entertained...

On January 20th I will be appearing in Orillia at Lakehead University - Opening for Bob Wiseman... a guy who’s doing something that crosses over... music and video... more details will follow soon... Please share my work with anyone you think is in the “media-arts” headspace... or anyone you think would find this stuff entertaining :P