Well my updates have been quite infrequent... which I attribute to going to bed late... getting up early (sort of)... and questionable consumption of happy beverages...

Our main haunt has been the David (Smoky) Harlow... after another excellent evening at the NorthsideNorthside Tavern... which is THE place around here to hear the Blues as it lives and continues to evolve.

Last evening we enjoyed fantastic ribs and “rum” baked beans at Fat Matt’s while enjoying Eddie Tigner and his band...  Eddie is 85 years old... a gentle man with a smooth touch on the piano keys and buttery voice... one of the last of his generation of Blue players.

After dinner we headed to the Northside to listen to the Breeze Kings - an awesome show... lots of dancing going on with members of the Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association out for a night. My other travelling companion, Clive, was in fine form... actually “fine” is not really the word for it... he mooned passersby at one point and we discovered him face down in a puddle of beer at another point... here he is posing with Jimmy (guitar), Terence (drums) and Carlos (harp & vocal... and for the uninitiated by “harp” i mean “mouth-harp”... by which i mean harmonica) members of the Breeze Kings: Clive meets the Breeze Kings!

So I’m just getting myself ready or another tremendous evening at the Northside! I have video and more details of the music we’ve enjoyed... I will add more soon... right now I need to drink a few glasses of water... and rest a little... the plan is to enjoy the evening and be up very early in the morning... for a 7½ hour drive to New Orleans (wish us luck.. the last few nights have had us in bed by 3am and sleeping in... this morning we “practiced” for tomorrow’s early rise... so we got up at 8:30... tomorrow will be 7:30ish... not sure i can handle it!)... oh well... it’s all for a good cause!:P