Hi... So here’s a new song, I wrote over the last week or so.
I changed up my writing process a little bit... Started with a ukele strummy kind of thing and built the music from there. The lyrics came last... gleaned from various journal entries which I riffed on while playing the music back... the flow, melody and lyrics sort of made themselves known in the process... the vocal “delivery” kind of worked itself that way too.

I made the video in a flurry of activity late last evening... there are something like 400 found photographs and video of a pair of squirrels making love somewhere in there... I have no clue... so don’t ask... but hope you like it...(not the squirrel sex... but hey to each his own)... have a great day and do something chancey... oh and let me know what you think of this and share it with all your friends or something!