I remember seeing the videos for “She Controls Me” and (I think) “Love Games” - really liked the poppy tunes so I went out and bought the album “Worlds Away” by Strange Advance. Of course the title cut just blew me away - the heavy reverb and spaciousness of the track... those freakin' heavy drums... the loneliness and melodrama. I personally remember cranking this at a hot steamy summer party... in a basement somewhere in my youth... feeling sad and lonely that the girl I was in love with was with someone else... yes... she was... Worlds Away.... um... I digress.


None other than Bob Rock was the engineer on this masterwork, with guest vocals from Bryan Adams (who Darryl Kromm - the guitarist used to back on tour I believe). 


The inner sleeve of the album was a feast for my adolescent eyes... searching for mystery and meaning... and direly wanting to know the secrets of the universe - consisted of the lyrics and prints of the drawings of Paolo Soleri... (quite an interesting guy and a brilliant idea which thrives even today see this).

The album covers a lot of ground with great poppy tunes (like the aforementioned ones) and some more esoteric pieces which are like “New Wave Prog-Rock” with allusions to nuclear holocaust and personified radio waves - The album is still a pleasure to listen to (just a little corny :)

 Great production - a cohesive album, though I think side one was stronger than side two - with the poppier tunes dominating. But, then again, The “Bottom Side” opens with “Worlds Away” which covers just over 7 minutes. 

Anyway - it’s a keeper. I never loved anything else by the band as much as I loved this album. Might have been the stage of life and the circumstances. But - that’s how it goes.