So with the SteveCastonShow taking up most of my time I haven’t done much blogging. But I had the thought that I would start a weekly (or something like that) random album blog. The idea is that I would just randomly remember an album and sort of riff on my thoughts of said album. 

Steve Mcqueen by Prefab SproutToday I happened to be listening to a Spotify generated "radio" channel after listening to a favorite Kate Bush album and a song by Prefab Sprout happened to come up. Well that set me off on a bit of a trip down memory lane. 

I owned the album for a short time - I think I purchased it (maybe it was a gift?) back when it came out, so it was probably 1985. I “lost” it a while after that... probably at a party where someone took a shine to it. 

There must have been some darkness... melancholy times for me back then. I can remember listening to this and a number of other albums (likely that I had the Dream Academy album which had recently come out as well.) on repeat,... not that I was only dwelling on the sadness or something... but I think I was looking for something back then and music is always such a great way to solidify an emotion... or something. Anyway, this was quite a lovely album... took me on a trip right from the driving beat of the first track “Faron Young”.

Loved the jangly guitars and harmonica in the distance... the Northern Soul... windswept... cold and lonely. Those breathy backing vocals... quite a beautiful album... reminiscent of some of the Style Council stuff of the day. Listening to it today... on a cold february day... a sadness creeps into my heart... Umm... oh... yes.. so I think the track “When Love Breaks Down” attracted me to the album - yeah I’m a big wuss... but I know what I like - and I could not get enough of that song... and subsequently I loved taking the trip with Prefab Sprout - back when you put an album on the turntable and handed yourself over for the time it took to travel through both sides. 

Well - there you go. Maybe I’ll get better at this... feel like I don’t really know how to break down the album. It’s been quite a long time, I had sort of forgotten about it... now I think I will have to remember it more often... So much music... old music... new music... I feel so foolish about how passionate I can get about it, even now... when I am just some old fuck thinking about “those days”... but really I still do actively look (listen) for new stuff... maybe you can share some with me... maybe I can interest you in something that I find... or remember...